Thursday, 17 March 2011

The 20m band open to South America tonight

The 20 band was fully open to South America this evening. I heard all the stations loud and clear, but despite lots of tries, they didn't hear me. PSK reporter shows the situation:
PSK stations that heard me (OH3GGQ) 17.March 2011 at 20-20.30 UTC
Obviously my folded dipole, which is hanging 12 meters up almost horisontally in the N-S direction, does not radiate well enough to South America, even though it's not that far from the optimum gain theory! Antenna theory and practices are far enough away from each other, to make the life interesting for radio amateurs. This has to be investigated, since I haven't worked any South American country yet in my newly restarted DXCC quest. (I cleared my statistics from my SM4SWF era 20 years ago :-) )

For comparison: all North American stations that I called, heard me just like that.

Comments, anyone?

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  1. I got nice comments on this in Ham Radio Nation...anyway, now I have got some CW QSOs to Brazil and Venezuela...just a few, but anyway :)