I am a re-born radio amateur. I used to be SM4SWF when I was young, around 1987-1990. I restarted in december 2010. Gee, the world has changed, and I'm excited about all new stuff that has been developed around amateur radio!

I'm a quite active blogger, see the  Blog section. Shorter and more frequent updates are done in twitter. Also I have a profile in Google+

My QSL policy:
  • LOTW. I upload my QSOs about once a week.
  • Not in active use, but HRD Logbook uploads QSOs there.
  • Paper cards, direct or via buro. No IRC or SASE needed in direct QSLing.
SWLs are welcome! Also I started as short wave listener back in 1986 :)

Club & award info:
My company:
I am the founder of Movenium:

You can communicate with me on Twitter, Google+ ...and, yes, radio :)
I accept all ham friends in Twitter and Google+

Besides, I am the webmaster of our local radio club, the Radio Amateur Club of Lohja, OH2AAB.