My station

Updated: September 2014

Brief update 13.9.2014: I got a new radio: Kenwood TS-590S. More info later.

I work mainly on HF. My main rig is a Kenwood TS-850S equipped with all possible filters, see this blog posting. Above the rig I have a touch-screen PC for DX Cluster news etc. For logging and digimode working I have a quite powerful table PC. Since I like to work on all modes, CW, SSB and digimodes, I can easily switch from mode to another, depending on what I find interesting, or on what DX Cluster announces. Also, I really like HF contesting.

The simple 2 meter rig (an old French Talco taxi radio) is for local QSOs with radio friends in Lohja (fq fixed on145.300MHz). 

I have a 10 000m^2  garden/forest for interesting wire antenna experiments. My current antennas are described in different blog postings. A couple of  pictures also here below:
80m inverted vertical delta loop. One of the corners shown up right in the picture.
Tunes on all bands with a tuner. Works really well on 80m and 30m.
Note: I am 30m up in a tree taking this picture.
My inverted vertical 80m loop. This corner is 30m up in a tree :)
The base of my 40m/15m copper pipe vertical, up 12m. Three radials.
The top of the 40m/15m copper pipe vertical.
20m inverted vertical delta loop, up about 20 meters. Good for 20m and 10m bands.
My 160m inverted-vee, up 20m. Installed 2013.

Used ham software in my shack (all but Win-Test are free):
  • Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD), for logging and digimodes
  • xDX, DX Cluster software for the touch screen linux PC. Installable as rpm package.
  • JT65-HF for WSJT/JT65 operation
  • ROS for a special new digimode, ROS.
  • N1MM Logger and Win-Test in SSB and CW contesting (HRD is better for digimode contesting)
  • WSPR for progagation testing
  • RFSM 2400 for emergy communication tests
  • BeaconMap for beacon checking
  • UltimateAAC for digimode award applications.
  • MorseCat, a simple tool for keeping my CW skills "warm". Sometimes used before CW contests :) 
  • Audacity, an excellent tool for sound recording and processing. Needed when optimizing stuff for contests and pileups
  • Eznec, for antenna modelling. The free version is enough for simple antennas.
  • Also LoTW demands installed software, check the instructions here.


  1. Great view from your "antenna tree". What a beautiful place you live in! Good DX and don't fall from that tree! :-)

    IZ4UFQ Fabio

  2. Don't worry, I'm a careful climber :)

  3. Very nice webpage..My congratulations from Spain EA5AEL.
    Very interesting WSPR job and others....same with me.
    73 GL GD DX.

    1. Thank you Manuel! See you again on the bands!

  4. Looks very good. Something about your part of Europe reminds me of my USA QTH in northern New York State. 73 F8WBD/N2UGB

    1. Tnx Richard...we like the place, and just by pure luck it happens to be a good QTH also :)

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  6. New pictures and video: