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This is my contest result page for my latest contests. My contest blog here.

24.3.2014: IARU HF 2013 Championship results

Class: All bands CW, low power (100W):

#1 of 5 in Finland (#1 also in 2012)
#19 of 460 in EU (#36 in 2012)
#30 of  818 in the world (#55 in 2012)

2.2.February 2014:

24. November 2013: 

Participated in the OH2BAH team in the CQWW 2013 CW Contest in the Multi-Single class.

6. October 2013: 

1st place in Finland in EU PSK DX 2013 contest:

22.September 2013:

Scandinavian Activity Contest, All bands Low Power. Claimed score: 7th in Scandinavia.

25.March 2013: Finally found my SAC 2012 Award:

27.1.2012: IARU HF Championship results

I worked as OH3GGQ in the CW/100W class. Here is my contest blog.
I was quite happy with the final results in the contest:
  • 55th of 815 in the world 
  • 36th of 445 in EU
  • 1st of 4 in Finland


I participated in the CQWW CW 2012 contest in the OH2BAH team.

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