Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Big problems with my PC rig control - resolved!

Since yesterday I have been trying to locate a sudden problem with the CI-V interface between my PC and my rig IC-718. (I have the SB-1000 interface there in between.). I tested with different software: MixW and HRD. After installing a port monitoring software on my PC I found out that the computer sends data to the rig but the rig does not answer anything. I started to suspect problems in the cable between the SB-1000 and the rig and took it out at both ends. Surprise: the (seemingly identical) "phone plug"s were a little bit different: the other end was not a typical phone plug! I swithed the cable ends and voila - Ham Radio Deluxe finally took control of my rig! My wife smiled empathically at my yelling.

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