Tuesday, 12 April 2011

DXCC 100

Got my DXCC country number 100 (Sri Lanka) today, when showing my station to my daughter, who is interested in in the morse code :-) I started my country collecting project in January 2011.

This was a good evening all in all:
  • Immediately after number 100 I got also 101on the 15m band and , which was 5M2TT, a DX expedition in Liberia.  Nota bene: with my new antenna, which i described in my previous posting.
  • DXCC country number 102 was St.Kitts & Nevis, worked in the 20m band. 
So far all my QSOs as OH3GGQ have been made in CW and digimodes.

(I try to remember: as SM4SWF around 20 years ago I worked around 130 countries in 2-3 years)


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  2. Continuation: 137 countries by 22.5.2011.