Thursday, 25 August 2011

My 40m/15m vertical base

My simple antenna projects take time. I think and plan for ages, before I start working...planning is fun. I have  for long wanted to put a vertical at a height of 20-25m. This summer I found russian 1,2m wormed copper rods (painted military-green...good!). Yesterday I found copper bowls for a few euros from a local flea market...I got an idea and started working:
Copper bowls. Nice living room decoration...until now!
One of the bowls prepared with a junction
As you see: good weather/water shield. Bonus: holes for 3 radials :)


  1. Sputnik has landed, looking good ,did you spray the copper with clear lacquer so it stays nice and bright.

  2. No I did not...hmm...the green oxidation color will fit well in the tree :) I will protect the joints with epoxy and silicone.