Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Autumn 2011 antenna pictures

Today 25.10.2011 was a celebration day, since I worked my 200th DXCC country. The country collecting project started in January this year. I could not imagine I really can achieve this with these simple antennas. But improving propagation conditions have helped a lot.All my antennas to date are simple home brew dipoles and verticals. I'll show you my simple antenna "park" as of October 2011:
10 meter dipole with 1:1 balun.  Also tunable to the 12m band. Fastened on a PVC tube, which is tied to the TV antenna mast.  All 6 continents were worked in  2 hours after the antenna installation . Luckily good propagation conditions that day :)
Autumn view to south-east from the 10m antenna
Autumn view to south-west from my 10 meter antenna
My first home brew antenna, the folded dipole for 17m and 20m has been hit many times by storms by now. The antenna is installed 20m up between two trees (shown in a picture below).
The 40m&15m copper pipe ground plane starts here, up 12 meters...
...and ends there...up 22 meters from ground.
View to north from the roof and 10m dipole. The 17m&20m dipole is shown somewhere  there, and the 40m&15m ground plane is in the pine in the middle of the picture :)
My 80m/30m vertical dipole is hardly visible here (the feeding point is at the top of the fir to the right of the  pine).
A simple 2 meter vertical dipole.
With these antennas I am able to work on HF bands 10-80m. The 160 meter antenna is still in planning stage.

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