Friday, 4 November 2011

Got a new rig: Kenwood TS-850S

I got a nice opportunity to upgrade my ham shack with a Kenwood TS-850.
Mods and options:
  • Inrad roofing filter on the first 73M IF
  • 1,8 k Kenwood 8,83 MHz
  • 400 Hz @ 8,83 MHz IRC/Foxtango
  • Inrad 400 Hz @ 455kHz
  • Inrad 2.1k @ 455 kHz
  • Diodes and capacitors changed
  • Rx antenna plug
  • Kenwood IF-232C interface
The serial number of the rig is over 5 million, built. 1994.

I've already had a few CW QSOs with this old Mercedes of radios :) Wow! Something totally different than my simple IC-718. Now I know what it means: high dynamics and low noise level! Also 40m and 80m bands sound now very comfortable...they are really noisy on my IC-718. And the automatic antenna tuner works like a dream!

There are still things to do: apply my Icom microphone and get the computer control and digimodes working. What a hobby this is!


  1. Hope u have many hours of fun with the new rig :-)

  2. Neat to have the Inrad filters a highly regarded
    Mid range HF base station.

  3. Now a microphone adapter is made (Icom->Kenwood) and also digimodes work from the rear of the rig...leaving the mic output for the mic!

  4. I own a radio like this one. It works FB for break-in CW and digi-modes. 73 de OZ1BXM Lars

  5. Yes, to me this rig is wonderful in all modes, since I have no hands-on experiences with better/newer ones :)

  6. good luck with your rig kenwood ts850s.
    since 1991 running this rig. it is a perfect rig...and never let me down..... 73 Robert

  7. Tnx for commenting, Robert...I think I will declare TS-850S as the best rig ever and never even try other ones (To make sure I never get disappointed in my belief) :)

  8. Hello, I'm PY5MC - Marcelo Chrispin. I am Brazilian ham.
    I found you commenting on the Kenwood TS850S and filters INRAD. Bought two filter (400Hz) and (250Hz) to the first IF (8.83Mhz) and other (400Hz) to the second F.I. 455Khz. I'm having problems with RX (sensitivity) and also TX (difficulty of coupling the antenna with the internal coupler). If retreat filters the radio works!
    Obviously, I followed the instructions from Kenwood and INRAD. But I am disappointed with the situation. I have written to INRAD and was instructed in the same way I have done the installation. Can someone help me with any tips?

    1. Marcelo, I really hope you get your problem sorted out somehow...I don't know what the problem is, but hopefully someone reading this can help! Have you asked in ham forums like

      The RX sensitivity suffers a little with filters, but obviously you don't mean that here. The guy who sold me the TS-850S told me that the roofing filter makes the rig better on low frequencies, but higher frequencies suffer in terms of sensitivity. How much? I don't know...if someone knows, please comment here.

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