Sunday, 4 March 2012

Vertical delta loop for 20m

Today I climbed up the trees and installed a delta loop for 20m, which at least in theory should be a good antenna also on the 10m band.
My new 20m vertical delta loop, with a 1:4 WiMo Balun. Feeding point about 15m up. 
The antenna is fed with about 50m of RG-58. Together with OH2BGR/Harri we tested the antenna with MiniVNA, and found that the antenna is a little bit too short to be optimal for the 20m band:
The minimum SWR is at almost 15MHz...still, quite good also for 14MHz
Likewise, the minimum SWR on the 10m band was at about 29MHz, so I should consider lengthening the antenna a little bit. Anyway QSOs work well, and later in the day I was heard in Australia and New Zeeland, even though the condx were quite poor today:
Picture from PskReporter.
I didn't test the antenna on 10m yet, because of the poor conditions.

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  1. Thailand worked on 10m, so the antenna seems to be ok also on that band.