Sunday, 27 May 2012

My EPC Ranking by 05/2012

I checked my status on EPC Award Ranking List. Obviously I'm ranked 192 in the world, and 4th in Finland:
This is obviously because of my active first year 2011....after my 22 year pause :)


  1. Hi Sauli, heard you signal on CW on 10m this evening. But you were in contest QSO. So couldn't call. Good signal here. 73, Bas

    1. Hello Bas! Yes, I was there, but I was not contesting seriously this time...just playing around in the interesting 10m conditions :)

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  3. For some reason my call is green in the list, meaning that I am warned for some reason. What? Why? :( Now I try to ask the award manager who has put me on the warning list...I think I should know if I am being warned, and the reason! Should I be afraid of something now? :)

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  5. I got an explanation from an award manager: I had an invalid call in my log and I did not remove it despite notifications. The problem here is only that I haven't seen any notifications :) Anyway the invalid log item is removed now.

  6. 25.June 2012 my rank is 181.