Sunday, 21 October 2012

Win-Test contest logger tested

I am preparing for the CQWW contests, where I will be joining the OH2BAH team. I am supposed to run the multiplicator station there. In the preparations I have got the responsibility of the computers and software. Even though I like the N1MM logger a lot I had to switch to Win-Test because of the rest of the team. Wow, what an acquaintance! 
Tonight I tested the software in the Worked all Germany contest. The CW macros work more or less the same way as in N1MM, but the team features in Win-Test caught me by surprise: Nice chat stuff and passing of QSOs between stations etc. I am preparing two computers to the contest so the inter-station-communication tests are initially at least as fun as running contest QSOs :)

Also I tried recording and sending SSB calls via the soundcard. Easy, very easy. Hmm...the DX Cluster features seem to be better in N1MM than in Win-Test...However, I don't know all the features of Win-Test yet, so I cannot make a very thorough comparison now.

N1MM is free software, Win-test is not. This is of course something to consider when selecting contest software. In single-operator classes N1MM is also wonderful.


  1. WT is fantastic, congratulations.

    See you at CQWW SSB and CW.

    73 de Jesus EC1KR (aka ED1R)

  2. Tnx Jesus! Today I installed the Win-Test stuff into the contest station as, it really works!

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