Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Australia on 80m band with 25W and delta loop antenna

My first contact to Australia on 80m was made tonight. Wow! (my feeling :) ) The mode was JT-65 and power 25W. The antenna was my Inverted Delta Loop for 80m.
I was very weak to VK4CMV Julian, and I had to repeat my info to him, but finally the QSO was finalized.

I have been playing with this vertical delta loop antenna on the 80m band, and I am now convinced that it is especially good in listening. I have hard time getting heard by DX stations when I work 25W (digimodes) and 100W (CW), but I have found out that I almost always hear distant stations that are spotted on the dx cluster. I have worked some U.S. stations before on the 80 meter band (mostly CW), but DX is rare stuff for me on that band.

UPDATE 28. Jan 2014: mail conversation with VK4CMV Julian:

Quoting a mail conversation with VK4CMV after permission from him:

Nice blog page Sauli - great to work you on 80m.
JT65a has opened up the possibility of QSOs on 80m and 160m which were previously very difficult.
73 Julian

PS: Have a look at what I was copying on 18th December (attached) - this should encourage people to try 80m JT65a!!

Julian continues:

Sauli - just in case people think they need a high quality rig like the K3 for JT65a - take a look at this video comparison I did between the K3 and Ft450d ...


  1. Congrats, a very nice catch. I made it several times on 40m but never on 80m yet. DX is rare for me too on that band. But sometimes it just happens. Good DX, 73, Bas

    1. Tnx Bas! What is your qrm level on the lower bands? I live in the countryside so I have a silent QTH for listening...and those high trees for antennas.