Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Created a simple QSL card

I finally faced the challenge to create a QSL card in My previous card is from 1988 and with the old SM4SWF id. Yes, the new paper card (some say it's the real one)  is also coming soon.

Although I'm especially familiar with stuff regarding IT, I'm not an experienced graphical designer. So I did what I have done before: played with Irfanview and Powerpoint. In a few minutes I got this:
My first electronic QSL card
The antenna shown in the card is my folded dipole. It's the antenna mentioned before, that happened to be a little bit too short to be optimal for 14 MHz, so it works well enough for 18.1 MHz and 14 MHz bands (with a tuner). Thanks, Google image search, for nice product pictures, by the way...

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