Sunday, 13 March 2011

Ham Radio Deluxe in contests

Today I found HRD, i.e. Ham Radio Deluxe (What's this?) to be very convenient in PSK31 (Whats this?) contesting (Whats this?). I have been using HRD for a while, and when the Spanish PSK31 contest started I wanted to explore the possibilities of this software. This time I did not have time to focus on the contest seriously, though.
As seen in the picture, there is a possibility select the active macro set in HRD. Also I found a neat way to bypass the need for swithing over to the logging application: there is a >>button in the QSO window, which opens a simple logging utility. I participated in the contest working about 30 QSO:s, finetuned macros etc. Now my station is ready for digital mode contesting, and I'm waiting for the next contest to come.

An  additional hint: start a new database before the contest; the Digital master shows you worked/unworked stations during the contest! Merge the database to your main database after the contest.

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