Monday, 30 May 2011

CW...just love it!

While waiting for DX contitions I parked on the silent 17m band on 18.083 Mhz for about half an hour and started throwing CQs. Just a couple of CQs were needed during the 30 minutes, and I had 5 QSOs with European radio amateurs. These fellows tail-ended nicely and actid politely in the little crowd that I happened to create :)  These old men were really talented and experienced in CW chatting...I was impressed.

Wow, me, the lazy PSK31 operator, really got a kick there!


  1. Not terrible conditions after all: Soon I found a week V26E calling CQ (Antigua&Barbuda) in a nearby frequency and I got him with on call DXCC country number 140.

  2. CW is a great mode for notching up DXCC. I find it absolutely fantastic for making contacts with weak DX stations that would not be possible on phone.