Friday, 3 June 2011

Inverted V dipole for 40m

I was not very satisfied with my vertical dipole for 40m  in the end...according to the theory it was installed too low; too big earth losses. I made a modification: Ioved the feeding point, i.e. the balun to a height of about 23 meters in the same tree, spread the dipole wires to east and west: Inverted V installation! The final angle between the wires seems to be a little bit more than 90 degrees.
The feeding point is installed at this height...Yep, I climbed here :)
There you see the east "leg"...
...and here is the feeding point.
The results:
In theory, this simple dipole should work on the 40m and 15m bands. The first tests indicate good DX charasteristics for both bands.

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  1. I have found this antenna to be very efficient on 15m! When there are conditions, I work DX easily. The antenna is almost SWR 1:1 for both 40m and 15m bands.