Monday, 13 June 2011

Folded vertical dipole, Eznec model

My folded dipole for 20m and 17m is currently installed horizontally at a height of about 22 m. The higher elevation lobe is not that directive, so it works well all in Europe. But for DX this antenna works best towards Caribbean and South America, because at these heights directivity is starting to play a big role, at the same time as the lower elevation lobe is getting really low. However, Asia and Pacific are now really hard to work with this installation, check the Eznec diagrams in my earlier posting. What about installing the dipole vertically, hanging at 22m? Before changing the installation, let's check with Eznec:

The elevation diagram for the folded dipole installed vertically.
The lower lobe angle is 11 degrees, the higher is 35 degrees.
This was interesting: although I will loose directivity gain compared to the horizontal installation, I get lower elevation lobes, even though the feeding point to the antenna is about 10m lower. Theoretical earth loss is taken into account here...but what is the reality? Soon I'll check if it's possible to get an efficient all-round-antenna for 20m (and 17m with tuner) with this installation...


  1. I still like directivity in wire antennas, but then the antennas should be easily rotatable. Speaking about that, I'm already getting excited about Moxon ...let's see if my next bigger project relates to that.

  2. hi i made a folded dipole from some ladder line for top of 29 mhz and for receiving f2 signals from 30 - 31 mhz and the hot leg is vertical and the other is horizontlal fed with a 4/1 balun and i have added 3 horizontal radials to the sheild which you can see here

    i haven't decided if its working as a true vertical or just a inverted v greetings from Scotland 73 David

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