Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Off-center dipole installed

I have spare 10-80m off-center dipole which I now wanted to install, in order to
  • get easy access to HF bands (with a tuner if needed) which I don't have antenna to
  • get a reference antenna to compare band-optimized antennas to
Even though the expected technical performance is maybe not extreme, I wanted the antenna as high as possible. So, experienced in climbing (ref. my earlier antenna articles) I headed for the highest tree I have:
The dipole is not very visible here.
At 30 meters the views are stunning! The north part (longest leg) of the dipole is now installed to a height of 30m and the south comes towards my house is at about 10m. The feeding point is maybe at around 12 meters.

The antenna tunes easily to all HF bands, including WARC and excluding 160m. QSO tests are soon done on all bands...so far this off-center dipole is very promising.

The antenna is sloping from north to south, the feeding point being at the south part. What I'm wondering is the directivity on the higher bands...to be checked some day.

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