Wednesday, 29 June 2011

G5RV 30m up :-o

A strong summer storm broke my previous OFC dipole installation.Instead of putting it up again, I decided to give my "WiMo" G5RV another chance. It has not worked very well for me, but what if I install it as sloper, the north end being at 30m?
I arranged a simple RF choke (no measurements done...) between the coax and the ladder of the G5RV.
To show the proportions: find me in this picture! (Solution below)
Here the previous picture is zoomed.
The south end of the G5RV is at about 10m. The ladder line at about 14m goes down almost perpendicular.

The performance of this G5RV installation:
There happened to be exceptionally good 10m conditions the day (28.6.2011) I tested the antenna. I could work the whole Europe without problems on that band. Also 12m was ok. Tested also 20m...people in south Europe sent "QRZ" sometimes, but heard me anyway. Also 17m was quite ok. It looks to me that this antenna is not at best to south directions...according to the dipole theory the lobes should be strongest to east and west. For me this G5RV does not tune at all on the 21 band. 30m band works perfectly, according to my initial tests. I did tunings test on the 40m and 80m bands, and they tuned quite well...did not test the antenna in QSOs on these bands yet, though.

So, this far it looks like my G5RV works ok on all bands, except 15m. I'm waiting for my first antenna analyzer, to get more detail about antennas...I think me new investment will be a MiniVNA...I saw my friend demonstrate it, and I was excited.


  1. My G5RV (102Ft) fed with window feedline 300 ohm
    also does not like 15M. I also use an RF choke (coiled RG213 coax) at the join of coax to windowline. The lobes are not the same as a dipole
    and as frequency increases the number of lobes increase.

  2. The antenna described here came down with the first storm...I did not reinstall it, since I was not really satisfied with the performance of G5RV. I'd rather have GPs and dipoles for all bands.