Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Internet does not kill this hobby!

I now and then here arguing about internet killing this hobby. I have always seen it the other way around: internet adds new dimensions to the radio amateur hobby. Many of my blog texts explain my view already, but here is once again an example:

I just I inspected after a JT65 session with JT65-HF on 21.076MHz. I found that these station in the States heard my signals:
Well...that was interesting info to me, in many respects:
  1. Good propagation to US! All those are potential QSO friends, giving me an opportunity to work new states for my WAS award. After checking the PskReporter info many days in a row, I can now conclude that there are often quite good propagation conditions from my QTH to US on 15m in the late afternoon, even when the general conditions are quite poor. Also the west coast, just before the band closes for the day.
  2. My 5/8 vertical and 50W is enough for DX working
  3. Last but not least: it feels good to know that my signal (with the power of a light bulb) propagates so easily so far! :)
How this works: JT65-HF and other digimode software upload decoded stations automatically to PskReporter. The same works e.g. with HRD DigitalMaster-780 (when using its SuperBrowser you can let your computer upload decoded stations to the pskreporter database; for you and fellow hams to analyse).


  1. Hello Sauli, in some ways the internet kills the radio hobby. For instance with social communication chats like MSN, ICQ etc. But the hobby has more aspects and what you wrote is one of them. I like JT65-HF and it always surprises me what you can reach with the power of a small lightbulb of 5W! 73, Bas

  2. Ok Bas, I get your point there. From the purely social point of view internet is a more convenient media than the radio waves. But for the hams interested in radio technics and propagation, internet does help a lot. And, one important point: I have found nice chat forums on the net, where radio freaks join! Equal interests and a good chat forum, without QRM and QSB: what is better than that? :)

  3. This antenna is funny: daytime it is a 5/8 GP on 15m and night-time a 1/4 GP on 40m...and: US states can be worked also on 40m, after midnight. Not that easy, but yes, possible.