Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pile-up abbreviations explained ;)

Here are the common abbreviations used in pile-ups on the radio amateur bands:
  • 99 (or NN): A shorter way of sending the RST report. The R (Readability) is not sent, since it is obvious anyway. Try this by sending a long beep; fellow hams (or pigs, see below) will eagerly send the report to you, if you have a strong signal. This is ham spirit.
  • Pig: A very eager and active radio amateur, compared to Ham, which is a dead pig waiting to be eaten. Wikipedia explains this more in detail here.
  • Idiot: A novel by Dostoyevsky
  • UP UP: this means nothing particular. If you hear this, you can give it a 99 report, se above.
Please comment on these, and others. I'm not an expert on those yet, I am still practising ;)


  1. Nice one Sauli..

    Spliiiiiiiiiiiit : means when you go or to tear material/wood etc


  2. That's right: i forgot "spliit!" :) Thank you for completing the list, Nik!

  3. Maybe "Spliit!" is an ice cream advertisement: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banana_split

  4. how about:
    "69U2" sixtinain juu tuu