Monday, 6 February 2012

New touch screen info panel

I found a spare industrial touch screen PC in our company lab. It's quite small; the resolution is only 800x600, hopefully enough for e.g. info panel stuff. Today I "installed" it in my shack:
As you may see, SFI is only 103...that's why I did this shack  project instead of  QSOing tonight.
Behind the screen there is a quite slow AMD 1GHz PC, so I decided to install Ubuntu Linux instead of Windows. Thus I also get access to the nice Linux tools developed for hams. Initially I use this pc as propagation info panel and later also as beacon monitor (connected to my AOR AR7030 via HamLib)...and...maybe something else.

The touch screen is a little bit clumsy compared to those iPhones and Androids, but simple user interfaces with big buttons work ok. Of course an external mouse and keypad can also be plugged in. Cool?! Later I will build it into the wall...making it even cooler :)

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