Saturday, 28 April 2012

New Q codes

Hereby introducing new Q codes for my fellow hams, to add some spice to the ham spirit :)
  • QRW = Woman-made noise.
  • QRC = Children-made noise.
  • QVC = Vacuum cleaner-made noise (both audio- and RF noise counts)
  • QTI = I have an insult for you.
  • QFU = Please do something else than what you are doing right now.


  1. Yes, fine and very modern.
    More these. :-)

  2. Suggestions from Nik and I:

    QFO = Please go away and do something else
    QFU = I don't like you very much


  3. QFO = Please go away

    QFC = interference from crisps

    1. Tnx Nik, good ones also there...yes, you meant QRC.

  4. QFX = mentioning My (or any) ex wife

  5. Some nice additions after a brainstorm session on DX-World chat:

    QNX - I have no receiver
    QNE - I have no ears
    QBE - Big ears/ good listener
    QUP - What part of "UP" don't you understand?
    QAS - Another spliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
    QUL - You are a LID

    Tnx Col, Iain and Nik!

  6. QWW - Who did I work just now?
    QAK - Another Keyer
    QTY - will you do RTTY?
    QNB - Need beer
    QWC - what is call?
    QDX - who is the DX on Freq?
    QTU - I will now tune on your fq