Thursday, 3 May 2012

What a CW pileup on 30m! (7O6T)

I have seen/heard many huge CW pileups, but not that often on the 30m band. Now 7O6T(Yemen) is active and the pileups are massive also on 30m. Here is a waterfall picture...where each track represents one calling station...and this 3kHz spectrum is not enough: the pileup spectrum is almost 10 kHz.
7OT6 30m waterfall (click for bigger picture)
Luckily I worked that station already on 12m, but still: I want it also on this band, and maybe some others...let's  see.


  1. Btw, 4O prefix is assigned to Republic of Montenegro ;)

    1. Ah ok, I had a typo there, of course it was 7O, not 4O :) I edited the original text based on your comment...thank you.

      P.S. Yesterday I managed to work them also on 17m :)