Wednesday, 15 August 2012

An almost ordinary night on 20m: JT65 DX thrill

The sunspot number is 73...the K index is 1. Looks like an ordinary august night. I'll show you how it looks like with the JT65 mode. I am using the JT65-HF program here, with my TS-850S using 40w to vertical inverted delta loop. (Here is my station info).
Australia  and others contacted at about 22PM GMT...and many others heard me, as seen below These stations heard me calling CQ. Zooming on US below
US zoomed in the map above.
I had a few nice DX contacts tonight with this mode. Yes, a lot more stations than I can image with SSB. Yes, CW competes (almost) with this, and sometimes also that is funny. Yes, I agree, there is not very much information exchanged in JT65 QSO, but quite real signal strength reports (S/N in dB) anyway! You may agree, that it's not very common in CW and SSB...59 right? ;)

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