Sunday, 26 August 2012

Inspecting my 80m delta loop...up 30m in a tree.

I wanted to inspect my 80m inverted vertical delta loop, which is up I took my camera with me. First comes the video (sorry, in Finnish) and then some pictures:

One corner of my 80m loop is here.
My youngest daughters are waving to me down there :)
Almost a painting, right?


  1. Wow, that would be far too dangerous for me. I get sick already from your video ;-). I all ok with your 80m delta loop? 73, Bas

  2. :) Yes, the loop is OK. The RG58 coax is a low-quality one, and the length is about 50m, so I would like to change it so a better one. But, this antenna works quite well on 80m and 30m. DX is difficult to work on 80m, but I hear them well. Obviously I need a vertical for transmission. On the 30m band I work everything I hear around the globe (yes, only cw and digimodes on that band).