Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Noise level comparison on 15m: vertical vs. loop

Previously I compared a delta loop with a vertical on the 40m band. (Here is the report. Here I compare two antennas on the 15m band:

20m inverted vertical delta loop 20m up

10m vertical 12m up
  1. 10 meter high copper pipe vertical 12m up. The same antenna, which was tested as 1/4 wave GP is here functioning as a 5/8 wave GP. The antenna has proven to be a good DX catcher on 15m.
  2. 20m inverted vertical delta loop.
I recorded an SSB transmission on 15m at about 2pm GMT. It's some from Japan having a QSO with an European. I switch between the two antennas in 2 second intervals, starting with the GP.

Isn't the difference in noise remarkable! The loop gives a clean reception, while the signal is buried deep in the noise with the vertical. However, my vertical antenna is generally better in transmission, especially DX contacts. I have tested also that, using Reverse Beacon Network. (In a separate blog text here I show the RBN method on the 40m band.)

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