Thursday, 24 October 2013

Analyzing my 80m vertical delta loop with MiniVNA

I have a vertical delta loop for 80m. It is fed with 70-80 meters of RG-218. Of course a 4:1 balun is needed...I have a commercial (wimo) balun.
I measured the antenna with MiniVNA from my shack, i.e. including the coax. Below are the SWR diagrams for all bands 10m-80m.

1-30 MHz
The 80m band. Very easy to work EU with 100W. Some U.S. and Canadian stations worked also.
The 40m band. On this band I work mostly with my home-made GP, but sometimes this is better...not compared in detail yet. I already know that the loop is much more silent in listening; especially in the JT65 mode I make use of this.
The 30m band. This is the only antenna I have for 30m. As seen in the diagram I use it with antenna tuner. Before the RF choke was installed I got RF back into my shack, causing my mouse to freeze :) Now this antenna is good enough for the 30m band I easily work DX with it on CW and digimodes, when the conditions are good.
The 20m band. My 20m vertical delta loop is generally more efficient on this band, so I seldom use this antenna here.
The 17m band. Occasionally I try this antenna on this band...though the 20m delta loop seems to be better.
The 15m band. As on 40m, I alternate with this antenna and the home-made GP. With JT-65 DX working I have noticed that this loop is better in receiving, while the GP seems to be better in transmitting.
The 12m band. I use this antenna and the 20m delta loop for working here. I don't know yet which is better.
The 10m band. I have the feeling that my 20m delta loop is better here. Of course it depends on the directions, distances and conditions, but anyway :) 

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