Sunday, 1 December 2013

The performance of one 160m inverted-vee.

Yesterday I worked on 160m band with CW and looked on Reverse Beacon Network, how I was heard:

The power used was 100W and the antenna is an inverted-vee, up 20m, as described in my earlier post. I installed the antenna this summer, and since then I have worked 29 countries with it.

The picture tells it all: 100W is not enough and inverted-vee is not a DX antenna. Now I know it and feel it. The next question is: what to do next? Inverted-L antenna is something that is suggested. Also they say I need a linear amplifier...hard decision there!

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  1. TA (Turkey) is now worked on CW...he had big problems copying me...I think this is the maximum distance with this setup?