Sunday, 28 September 2014

Scandinavian Activity Contest 2014 - CW

Also this year I participated in the SAC (Scandinavian Activity Contest - CW part) with my wire antennas and 100W. The contest end screen looked like this (WinTest):
During the last hour I realized that I will make my own personal record. A couple of "last minute" multipliers finalized the over 400 000 point claimed result. Initially I am in a good position in the claimed result list in my class.

New things in this contest:

  • New rig: Kenwood TS-590S. What a brilliant transceiver, especially in pileup working; the filter stuff worked great. I needed the 50Hz filter many times during the contest.
  • New class: Assisted. I wanted to check, what help I can get from the internet during the contest. Disappointment: the DX Cluster gave me just one multiplier: HS0 (Thailand) on 10m. But: the Reverse Beacon service was interesting and informative. I could check how my signals propagated, and I could follow how e.g. my fellow team station OH2BAH (where I was doing some IT preparation work before the contest) was changing bands during the contest.

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