Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pile-up business opportunity :)

I have a problem: I would like to work rare dx stations, but I have not often time to sit and try in those huge pileups. What if someone could work them for me, using my call, if I pay?

(No, I am not serious, but let's play with the idea anyway, for fun.)

What would be the optimal price list of Pile-up Services Inc? At least these things affect the pricing:
  • The time spent on the pile-up. A separate station verifies this with SDR.
  • The length of the call used. For example my call is quite expensive, especially in CW pileups. 
  • The default pricing is based on using automatic CW&SSB calling. If manual calls are required (for authenticity/ecological or whatever reasons) the price should be higher.
  • The more sunspots, the cheaper service. The K index works as price multiplicator.
  • The Premium service includes all bands, and the De Luxe service contains all bands and modes. 
Money back guarantees needed:
  • Money back for failed QSO.
  • Money back for ruining client's reputation by calling on the dx frequency
We have seen this hobby developing a lot with Dx cluster, skimmers, reverse beacons etc, and this would be the next step. What a perfect hobby, isn't it?


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  1. That's fun Sauli. I think we are taking the hobby much too seriously hihi. I do not have the time as well. For instance the FT4TA activation I did a five minute call, that's all the time I had this week. I can't hear them here in the evening so no QSO. The "pile-up" service would be welcome ;-) But then you didn't have the fun working and chasing yourself, so what's the hobby then. Anyway, I've heard people practising these kind of things working DX for their friends, seriously! It's a crazy ham radio world. 73, Bas